Friday, June 15, 2012

We are so excited!

Tomorrow is departure day for our great adventure. You may wonder at the title of this blog, as in "Wha?". I wanted to be different and also use a title that no one else would already be using, like "England Swings" or "UK OK" or "Big Ben Land", "Kilt City", "My Land Is Ireland" or just simply "Our British Isles Trip". Those are probably taken or should be.
There is a bit of English, Irish and maybe Scottish in my bloodline from both parents -- more so on my mother's side. I have always had an interest in Great Britain and considered their society to be more polite in general and conduct themselves with more style than their U.S. counterparts. At least that was my youthful impression. We shall see if that still holds true today. I have long thought of visiting England. It was often my first choice when childhood daydream games came to overseas travel wishes.
This brings us back to the title of this blog: A.P.E. = Anglophile's Perfect Excursion. Hope it makes better sense now.

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